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 We provide professional quality, precision tools.

Our Newest Pistol Sight Tool from X Ring Products

         PT-200        A different approach...

Please check out our video of this tool. Search YouTube.com  XRing45

  Sorry, we are out of our PT-100 Pistol Sight tools at this time, please ck back.
Pistol Sight Tool in an MTM Case  (PT-100-MTM)

Sorry, we have more tools being built, but are out of stock at this time. Pls. email us to be put on our waiting list. (xringproducts@gmail.com)

AR-15 Front Sight Removal Tool
  New stock is available soon, also replacement Drive Pins and punches.

Cable operated Disc Brakes for
 Ultralight Aircraft

This kit will be a retro fit for the SNS-8 Hiperlight Biplane

M1-Garand Front Sight Tool
M1-A Front Sight Tool

Warranty: "Manufacturing defects are gladly corrected, replacement parts are available"

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