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    Pistol Rear Sight Adjustment Tool

  The body is machined from 6061 aluminum and  hard anodized for superior wear resistance. A steel 3/8 pusher screw is used remove and replace rear sights as well as make adjustments. All the other screws are stainless steel. The two non-rotating pusher tips are stainless with a bronze thrust bearing. A dial indicator is mounted for precise adjustments and allen wrenches are provided.

  The body has clearance to remove and install new rear sights and the three different size floor plates Plus .012, .025 and .050 shims will accommodate a variety of handgun sizes.

  The Tool Kit is packed in an MTM Case for storage.

 The Pistol Slide is clamped in the Tool and the  Pusher is brought against the rear sight. Set the dial indicator to "0" and move the sight, .001 or more inches, as required (right or left). The four different Floor Plates allow the Tool to be use with Glock, Kimber, Browning Hi-Power, Colt 1911 types and others.

 The Adjustment Tool can also be used to remove and install a rear sight. If the sight is to be reinstalled, it's position can be measured first, and then returned to the original position using the Dial Indicator.
 A new sight can be centered on the slide for the initial test firing. (measure in from each side)

Adjustment Example:
 Glock 19, the bullet group is off 1 in. at 25 yds.  The sight radius is 5.800", you would move the rear sight .0064"
to center the group.
   (see adjustment formula)

Rear Sight Adjustment Tool with a precision dial indicator, MTM Case
                                              PT-100-MTM  $198.95

Pistol Sight Tool Kit packed in an
  MTM Case
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